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Although most people would hate to admit it, women and men do tend to get different treatment at the car lot. Studies show that women get worse deals on used car prices than men at used car lots. No matter what type of car they are purchasing, if a woman purchases a car alone, the sales people at the used car lots automatically assume she will agree to pay more and won't deal as low with her. It is a shame that women have to take men to the lots with them to get the best deals around.

There are ways that women can come into a used car lot and get a great deal however.That is without bringing a man along. After all, women can do everything a man can do, including buying a car. The first thing a woman needs to do is dress professionally.

When you have on a power suit that you might use on a big day at the office, you will look more serious and the salespeople will know you are intelligent and ready to get down to business.Although many women will try to use their charm to get a salesperson to give them a low price on something.However, you really need to leave that girlish charm at home when you enter the used car lot. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to act like the intelligent and mature person you are. So, go in there with your take charge attitude and get the best deal you possible can.

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By: Verapol Chaiyapin

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