Get NHTSA Recognition for Improving Traffic Safety

Fourteen individuals and organizations from around the United States were recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for their accomplishments in improving traffic safety. They were given and presented with Public Service Awards by Jacqueline Glassman who is the NHTSA's acting administration.Organizations that were recognized held various types of work and made differences in traffic safety in their own ways. The American Academy of Pediatrics was recognized for its continued commitment to protecting children from crash-related injuries and death. The East Valley DUI Task Force of Arizona was recognized for its commitment in removing impaired drivers from the roadways making the roads safer for motorists.

Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers' Association's efforts in promoting traffic and safety initiatives in Ohio were recognized.Mississippi Primary Safety Belt Law Team and the South Carolina Primary Safety Belt Law Team were distinguished for their leadership and commitment to the passage of the primary safety seat belt legislation in their areas. And Westchester County Probation Department of DWI Enforcement Unit made their mark for their unique and innovative programs that assisted in deterring impaired drivers.

Eight individuals were given recognition by the NHTSA.Rosalie Berquist was awarded for her efforts in preventing life-threatening injuries from traffic crashes as well as in education the public on the proper use of occupant restraints. State Sen. Con Bunde was recognized for his leadership, commitment, and assistance of the passage of the primary safety belt law.

Chief Michael Capriglione of Delaware made his mark by being an outstanding leader and serving as a primary law enforcement advocate in his area. Phyllis Larimore received recognition for her dedication to promoting child passenger safety and occupant protection programs. For Robyn Litke, it was her exemplary traffic safety service to promote safety belt use as well as reducing impaired driving and underage drinking that made her achievements stand out.Tammy Ryden was awarded for her commitment to reducing traffic deaths and injuries through volunteering in educating law enforcement, students, and the public on safety belt use.

Earl M. Sweeney was given due recognition for his contributions to traffic law enforcement and traffic safety. As for Greg Wilkinson, he was dedicated to reducing deaths and injuries caused by impaired drivers through promotion of use of safety belts.Glassman mentioned during the awarding, "For every mile we travel in our motor vehicles, Americans today are nearly 20 percent less likely to die in a crash than they were just a decade ago.The people we honor today prove that every element of every community in America has an important voice in making traffic on our roadways safe.


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Get NHTSA Recognition for Improving Traffic Safety - Fourteen individuals and organizations from around the United States were recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for their accomplishments in improving traffic safety.

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