Live and Let Fly

Face it: Few will ever see an Aston Martin up close, much less drive one. These cars are movie props, better suited for celebrities or gadget-loving secret agents than the motoring masses.

But for those who can come up with $160,000 and join an 18-month waiting list for Aston's new DB9 coupe, the experience is within reach. Or, for an additional $13,000, make that a drop-top.
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Dealerships: Let's Party

When hockey star Sergei Fedorov bought a Ferrari at Cauley Ferrari-Maserati in West Bloomfield, MI, owner Jeff Cauley didn't just hand over the keys to the $650,000 car.

Instead he decorated the showroom and tossed a party for 350 glitterati hailing from sports, entertainment and media world. Champagne flowed all night long.
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Kick It Up A Notch

Nearly four years ago, Ferrari SpA introduced its 360 Modena, a sports car that garnered the praise of auto buffs everywhere. Now, it's time for Ferrari's engineers and stylists to build a worthy replacement.

Team Ferrari has succeeded with the '05 F430. Despite sharing 70% of its underpinnings and components with the outgoing model, the F430 is leaps and bounds better.
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The proud and prancing horse: with Maserati on board to grow sales, Ferrari North America can retain its 'mission of exclusivity

In 2003, General Motors sold nearly 4.8 million vehicles in the U.S., 2.7 million of which were Chevrolets. Ferrari North America sold a U.S. record 1,350 Ferraris and about 960 Mascratis. That equates to 0.013 percent of a 17 million vehicle market vs. GM's roughly 28 percent. GM has 197,000 employees in North America; Ferrari employs about 70.

Should this small Italian exoticar maker be concerned? Hardly. In fact, marketing vice president Marco Mattiacci seems genuinely delighted. "This is the 50th anniversary of Ferrari in the U.S., and last year was one of its best in this market," he says. Both Ferrari and Maserati deliveries represented roughly 13 percent increases over 2003.
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