RV Awning Protection Helping Your Awning Last For Many Years

An RV awning needs to be protected in order to keep it looking good year after year. When you start to get your RV ready for summer, there are some things that you should do to make sure that the awning is in good working order. This includes making sure that all the moving parts are working. You should never use motor oil on the gears of a retractable RV awning - this requires pure silicon spray.

Along with having the awning on your RV to give you more outdoor living space there are options that you can include with your purchase to make your camping experience that much better. These include mats and lights so that you can enjoy the awning in all kinds of weather. An RV awning mat is similar to a rug, but you spread it on the ground under the awning so that you have your own unique patio.

Some of the RV awnings some with lights included or you can buy RV lights designed specifically for your RV awning. An RV awning mat is designed to be sturdy and is rugged enough to withstand outdoor use. It is also lightweight and can be rolled up to fit in an overnight bag. You can get a mat that matches the color or your RV awning or one that has an outdoor theme.

These mats are well suited for any type of ground. Having a mat under your awning means that you don't have to put on your sandals when you want to sit outside your RV. You can walk on these in your bare feet. RV awning lights consist of 8-inch polyethelene globes and they have plastic tops that snap in place.

These lights suited for an RV awning also have a hanging chain and they only take an ordinary 7 -watt light bulb. You will need to have an electrical hook up in the camping space in order to operate these awning lights because they need to be plugged in to a source of electricity. They are well able to withstand the elements of the weather, but like the awning, they are not designed for use in wind.

With the many options that you can buy to accompany your RV awning, you can make your motor home your home away from home. You can enjoy the comforts of having a unique patio with an RV awning mat and lights that let you sit outside after dark. You can still use the lights when it is raining and with the RV awning in place, you will be warm and dry.

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