Making your Harley Faster Louder and more Powerful with Custom Motorcycle Parts

If you want to turn your average chopper into a loud, roaring, customized machine, there are a few custom motorcycle parts that can make a big impact. The aftermarket custom motorcycle parts listed here are generally in the $150 to $500 range and don't require a degree from the Jesse James School of custom bike building to install. Take a look at these simple modifications that can make a big difference in sound, and performance of your Harley.

Big Growler Exhausts: What's a chopper if it doesn't rumble? The Big Growler Exhaust system will turn the heads of even those sealed inside their super luxury cars, and make them wish they had the freedom a burley Harley. The long straight pipe makes this exhaust system "un-muffled" amplifying every hum and grind of the engine as it accelerates and cruises. When it comes to custom motorcycle parts, the couple hundred dollars for the exhaust is a great value. Yost Power Tube: One way to get a lot of power with custom motorcycle parts for a little cash is with the Yost Power Tube. More power comes from increased combustion efficiency and there's no better way to achieve this than with the Power Tube. The kit from Yost includes a spacer for even greater power and throttle.

The power tube works with all of the S&S Series B, E, & G Harleys and is one of the custom motorcycle parts that most weekend bike enthusiasts can install themselves. Spyke Ignitions: An ignition kit is another of the inexpensive custom motorcycle parts that makes a big impact. Spyke aftermarket ignitions have more power than the factory ignition, dyno-proven power gains, and aggressive ignition curves.

This aftermarket part also reduces kickback and strain and allows for customized timing based on engine modifications. Carburetors: After market carburetors are another one of the first aftermarket parts people modify on their Harley. The job of the carburetor is to mix the right amount of gas with air to produce the torque that fuels the bike. Too little gas and the engine runs lean, too much gas and the engine will flood.

The Mikuni is one of the most effective for pulling in air among the aftermarket carburators. More air flowing through means more peak power. Once you get started modifying your bike with aftermarket custom motorcycle parts, you'll most likely find scores of other projects to fill your time. In a lot of cases, the custom motorcycle parts produced by aftermarket companies surpass the look and performance of stock parts.

Modifying the engine, ignition, and exhaust is a great place to start to make big changes to your stock bike. Later, with modifications to the handlebars, mirrors, gas tank, tires, and paint job can create a completely unique looking bike with a lot of power, speed, and noise.

Author is a writer for Jireh Cycles which specializes in custom motorcycle parts. For additional information you can visit

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