Iveco Daily Van

There are three important version of the Iveco Daily van, beginning with the C model, which is the most traditional with a chassis that is five millimetres thick and as sturdy as certain 7.5 tonners; thanks to its rear twin wheels, the Iveco Daily C can support from thirty five hundred to sixty five hundred kilograms GVW. The Iveco Daily van L series is lighter, supporting up to thirty five hundred kilograms GVW; finally, the Iveco Daily van S versions has thirty five hundred kilgograms GVW and a chassis with a frame that is three millimetres thick. As for engines, there is quite a variety. The 35S features one hundred and fourteen horsepower with its 12 engine; one hundred and twenty three horsepower with its 13 engine; and one hundred and forty three horsepower with its 15 engine. There is a 2.

3 litre engine with a five speed gear box and a 2.8 litre engine with a six speed gearbox. The Iveco Daily van averages over seventy kilometres per hour in terms of speed. Average speeds only tell so much however; more important is the fact that it can easily and happily maintain speeds of sixty five or more while driving up steep hills and mountainous roads. It is ideal for city driving as well, able to pass with ease and handle tight curves like a dream. Even the standard 2.

3 litre engine performs admirably. It makes the Iveco Daily van a very lively and peppy drive, sometimes accelerating at a faster and smoother rate than the more powerful 2.8 litre engine. It is supremely easy to change gears ? both critics and drivers have likened changing gears in the Iveco Daily van to pressing a hot knife through butter.

Furthermore, both engines are extremely quiet, making for noiseless, calming rides. The quality of the brakes and the steering in the Iveco Daily van are both amazingly dynamic, not to mention safely tuned. The handling, as well, is a study of stability. The Iveco Daily van drives with a very light touch, with both the brakes and the steering wheel extremely responsive. The front suspension allows the Iveco Daily to handle rougher urban roads and city streets as if they were perfectly, smoothly paved roads ? or clouds even, the suspension is so smooth. Naturally, such sterling qualities make for excellent driving in the countryside as well.

Furthermore, as nominal as jostling is, the dashboard and all its gauges are so firmly set that they do not even betray a rattle on the roughest of roads. Inside, the Iveco Daily van is a study of style, class, and refined taste. The upper door frames are made up of painted metal; the dash, centre console, and most other interior features are comprised of safe, durable plastic in shades of grey; and the seats are upholstered in a soft blue cloth fabric. The floor is a made of a moulded covering, which makes keeping the cabin of the Iveco Daily van clean quite an easy and simple endeavour. The driver's seat is an Isri seat with ample room and a wealth of adjustment capability.

The entire cabin is extremely roomy and airy, with the passenger seats offering enough leg room for two people. In addition to that, the seats are supremely well made, providing the most of stability and comfort. All seats come equipped with head restraints, as well as three point seatbelts which can be adjusted for height. The positioning of the dashboard puts all the controls within easy reach of the driver ? this includes the controls for the hazard lights and head lamps. Otherwise, controls like the windshield wiper and cruise control are located on the right stalk of the steering wheel, while the lights and horn are located on the left side.

There is ample room for storage and cargo in the cabin, by way of baskets located under the seats, accommodating door pockets, and both a large glove box (which can be locked up) and a padded bin for mobile phones and devices.

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