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Since the inception of the hybrid automobile into the automobile market in 2000, each year has brought new models with improvements that have improved performance and interior features. This year, 2007, hybrid car offering will be no different. The year 2007 offers hybrid car manufacturers the chance to debut the best in their year 2007 hybrid car line in regards to performance abilities and environmental enhancements. When considering the purchase of a new 2007 hybrid automobile, some of the features that should be considered are the size, price, gas mileage and appearance of each model that is featured at each manufacturer's dealership. These hybrid automobiles feature gas powered engines, and are equipped with electrical motors as well as a heavy-duty battery or battery pack.

There are two varieties of hybrid automobiles. The mild hybrid features a gas-powered engine that supplies the main propulsion to move the car down the highway. An electrical motor provides an added assist in situations where an extra power thrust is needed.

The electrical motor also serves to recharge the car battery while the car is on the highway. The full hybrid features a gas-powered engine, with an electric motor and battery as well, but in the full hybrid the electric motor can power the car on its own under certain circumstances. These features will give your new hybrid automobile the best in gas saving features. The fuel economy on each of the 2007 line of hybrid cars is absolutely outstanding. The specific models of hybrid automobiles, and the fuel economy listings associated with each model are contained in the following list: * 2007 Toyota Prius - 51 Hwy/60 City * 2007 Toyota Camry - 38 Hwy/40 City * 2007 Toyota Highland - 27 Hwy/31 City * 2007 Ford Escape - 29 Hwy/33 City * 2007 Honda Accord - 29 Hwy/20 City * 2007 Honda Civic - 51 Hwy/49 City * 2007 Lexus GS450H - 28 Hwy/25 City * 2007 Lexus RX400h - 27 Hwy/32 City * 2007 Mercury Mariner - 23 Hwy/18 City These new car models for 2007 offer a comprehensive list of prices, and come with rebates and other incentives to make your new hybrid car purchase a most pleasant experience.

With each new car in the 2007 line, you will receive all of the latest car specifications and relevant information on every model that is available to you today. With this information you will have all you need to make an informed decision to purchase the right hybrid car that will fit the needs of your family. The safety data that is available at each car dealership, on every make and model of hybrid car, will give you the latest safety features that are built in to each of the above models.

The color and selection of each of these models in the 2007 hybrid automobile line can be customized to fit the tastes of the car owner. With the purchase of a new 2007 hybrid automobile, the new car buyer will reap the tax saving benefits offered with The Hybrid Car Tax Credit. This tax benefit will vary and is dependent on the make and model of hybrid car that is purchased, as well as the automakers sales in that hybrid model. The tax benefit savings are outlined by the Federal Government, specifically the Internal Revenue Service and could reach an amount of $3150 on some models.

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