How To Protect Your Car From Rust

Next to our homes, our vehicles are the next biggest investment we make. Some of the cars, trucks, and SUVs today cost more than some homes! Therefore, we want to protect them from the ravages of the environment such as rust. Certain problems are inevitable, but rust is one that can be prevented. Some of the areas of vehicles that are most affected by rust are body panels including doors, fenders, the hood, and tailgate. The reason for this is that they inherently have areas that retain moisture. Depending upon the model of vehicle, there are many other areas that can retain moisture as well.

Certain cars retain more moisture just due to the way they are designed, so you have to be especially careful and vigilant with them. Some factors that you have no control over include the environment in which you live. If you live in a coastal area you are exposed to more salt air for example.

If you live in an area where there is snow and ice on the road, the authorities usually use salt on the roads which can result in rust on your car's undercarriage. When you find yourself in these types of environments you must wash your car more frequently. I recommend washing your car down weekly if you are in an area with salty roads or if you are living so near the coast that you get a salty film on your car.

Here are some overall tips for rust prevention that will go a long way to helping you to prevent rust formation on your vehicle: 1. Keep your car clean and coated with a finish protectant at all times. 2. Keep the underneath of your car rinsed continually when you are in an area where a lot of salt is present as mentioned above.

3. Keep your tires and wheels clean and polished and free from moisture holding material like leaves. 4. Make sure any drainage holes in the frame, floor, and the bottoms of the doors so that any moisture can get out.

5. Always open your doors after washing your car to allow any accumulated water to drain out. Remember this, rust proofing only helps with new vehicles. If you try to do it on a pre-owned vehicle you may trap dirt and moisture and increase the risk of rust.

Gregg Hall has over 20 years experience in the automotive industry including managing and owning several dealerships. He recommends these car care products

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