How To Discover The Secrets To Buying An Electric Scooter Fast and Easily

We've seen them zooming down our neighborhood street, with their owners' hair flapping wildly in the wind and their fat pocketbooks hanging out of their back pockets, mocking those of us with four wheeled vehicles. We've seen them in pictures of European countries, with little French men in their flashy helmets, maneuvering the streets of Paris. And yet we still think, there's no way we could afford a scooter, Or can we? An old tactic used in a new way will help you buy the cheap scooter you've been looking for. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that you saved up to 50 percent on your scooter once you've done the necessary leg work.

The secret tactic is price comparison and patience. The internet makes this tactic more possible than ever. Here's how to find the scooter of your dreams for the price in your head: 1) Start at This is Google's shopping search engine.

Start by typing in "electric scooter," "electric scooter sale," or "electric scooter discount." You should find an impressive number of scooter retailers as a result. Write down the best prices and deals. 2) Search Google. Run the exact same searches, but instead of just paying attention to your results, pay attention to the ads. Vendors pay tons of money to place their pay per click ads on the side of these pages.

The ads pop up based on key words. Visit these sits and write down their best deals as well. 3) Utilize Yahoo.

com. Run the same searches on Yahoo's site, and you'll be surprised by the different yields compared to Google. Pay attention to the Yahoo ads as well, because Yahoo owns Overture, which handles the whole pay per click business. Compare as many scooter companies as possible because, after all, more is better.

Visit the sites and write down what you discover. You should have a lengthy list by now. 4) Visit Ebay. This online auction site will help you find the consumer price for scooters.

Run a search both for "electric scooter" and "electric scooters" and write down your results. Watch the auctions for a week or so and write down the prices you see the scooters selling for. Also, consider using the "watch this auction" feature which will basically bookmark your selected auction.

5) Here's where the patience comes in: wait two weeks, and then do this all over again. You will know a good price when you see one then, and then you can buy your scooter. This method should yield a smarter, scooter owning you.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you saved more than 50 percent on your new electric scooter. Don't feel guilty about the savings either. You did the work, so you deserve the savings. Obviously more tricks to finding deals exist than this, but utilizing this old tact and new venue is at least a start to saving you money.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Gas Scooters at

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