Help Slash the USs Dependency on Overseas Oil

Anyone who follows political policy of the United States can tell you that America consumes a quarter of the world's oil supply but only has 3% of the world's oil reserves on its territory. This fact gives the country no other option than to import over 60% of the oil it needs to function at normal levels. With the introduction of the sports utility vehicle and other gasoline guzzlers, the dependency is growing each day. The harshness of this reality is that most of the world's oil supply is controlled by countries and people who hate the United States and the entire Western ideology. They are mostly radical Islamists or allied with radical Islamists. This means that those that control one of the most important imports to the United States has great amounts of hatred toward the U.

S. and its citizens. The dependency the United States has on oil is one that threatens its national security on a daily basis. The radicals know Americans need oil to function. Knowing this, they hold their possessions tightly and use it against the United States. When needed, they use the oil industry as a political agenda and a war tactic.

Some experts believe that with the introduction of hybrid vehicles, the U.S.'s dependency on overseas oil will lessen. The new hybrids are powered by a small gasoline engine as well as an electric engine. They use much less gasoline than the conventional vehicle, with translates to less oil needed. With over 11 millions barrels being imported into the United States each day, any reduction in the need for oil is a welcomed idea.

In the 1970s, during the first oil crisis, the United States was using much less oil than they are today. Although much of the oil use is contributed to industry, vehicles do contribute. With the market reaction being extremely high toward the hybrid, it is likely more Americans will be buying hybrids. Most Americans will not be buying hybrids just to lower the country's dependency on oil. They will likely be buying hybrids to save on gasoline costs, gain incentives, or help the environment.

Those who are interested in politics may be encouraging those they know to buy hybrids, however it is unlikely the oil dependency crisis will be a large selling factor. Buying hybrids however does save the country bundles in oil use. In fact, if every car in the United States was a hybrid car, then the country would be saving 15 percent more oil than normal. This is a huge amount that can change a lot in the political and economical world. It is also a percentage that can change the direction of environmental care by consumers.

The biggest factor in the equation is time. With hybrids being sold faster than they can be made, it is unlikely the change can come quickly. Although there is great interest in hybrid models, consumers will not likely rush to trade their current vehicles in on a hybrid. It will take time for consumers to decide to purchase a new vehicle and it will take time for hybrids to be produced more quickly than in the past.

Buying a hybrid will begin the process however and help the progressive hope for the hybrid start working. During the past oil crisis many Americans have gone to riding their bicycles or purchasing small economical vehicles. This is always an option for everyone.

If you are truly interested in living a normal scheduled life however and would love to cut down on the oil consumption of the United States, buying a hybrid is a great idea. Not only would you be helping the country control its dependency but you would also be getting a great vehicle. Saving hundreds a month on gasoline costs, helping the environment, and benefiting from incentives is a great reason to buy a hybrid.

So, go ahead and check out the newest hybrids today. You can feel great about your purchase and know that you are doing your part to help the United States. If you agree that hybrids have the potential to end the dependency of the United States on foreign oil, then you should certainly contribute and buy a hybrid today.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. Take care of your car's finish by using the patented car care products from

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