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Car Insurance State Comparison There are more and more number of vehicles being registered each day as the need for affordable auto insurance also increases. According to statistics, today, there are more than 190 million drivers and 240 million registered vehicles in the U.S. Every states has its own rules and laws when it comes to automobile insurance and every consumers as well as the insurance companies must follow this rules. In the state of California, every resident drivers must have a minimum liability coverage as mandated by the state laws. Bodily injury coverage of 30,000 dollars per accident with a limit of 15,000 dollars per person injured or killed in an accident and 5,000 dollars for property damage liability.

California has an auto insurance plan preferably designed for low income drivers also known as the California Assigned Risk Plan which has 20,000 dollar bodily injury coverage per accident with 10,000 dollar limit per person injured or killed and property damage liability coverage of 3,000 dollars. Other optional car insurance coverage are comprehensive, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, medical coverage and others. Every drivers must also consider some factors which affects every individuals rates when purchasing California auto insurance. These may includes the age of the driver; vehicle type and year model; individuals driving record; and others. California has an over 24.

5 million auto insurance policies and vehicles insured each year which proves that the insurance market in the state is considerably competitive. Virginia auto insurance is differ among other states when it comes to automobile insurance. The state only requires financial responsibility for every resident drivers. This rules relatively keep every drivers off on their vehicle if they cannot afford to pay the damages and injuries if a certain accident occur. In the state of Virginia, resident drivers must have liability automobile insurance of 50,000 dollar bodily injury and physical damage per accident with 25,000 dollar limit per person injured or killed and 20,000 dollar coverage for property damage liability. If you want to register a vehicle in Virginia, the state motor vehicle division must certify that the insurance provider you have is licensed to do business in the state and must obtain the required minimum liability auto insurance.

Otherwise, you must pay an uninsured motorist fee of 500 dollars which allows you to drive uninsured vehicle and this fee must be paid at renewal as it also expires together with your vehicle registration.

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