Benefits of Owning a Classic Mini Cooper

Driving a classic Mini Cooper can be an adventure and possibly the funnest car you will own. It is a wonderful car to own for four main reasons: how cool it looks, the great gas mileage it gets, how fast it is, and how easy it is to park. Witout a doubt, this car gets lots of attention. These cars are rare so see on the road, so when you drive one around, people smile, wave, and give thumbs up all the time. Owners of the new Mini also show some enthusiasm, appreciating the classic version of their own car.

The classic Mini also gets great gas mileage, topping out at just over 30 miles per gallon. This is a great benefit in these times of rising gas prices. Upon first impression, classic Mini Coopers look like toys, or even go-karts. People are often surprised at how powerful they are, especially with modest 998cc or 1275cc engines under the hood. However, these cars are so light, that they pack quite a punch.

They are zippy, and are especially fast around corners and turns. The acceleration on these cars is excellent. Finally, these cars are so tiny that you can virtually park them anywhere. Parking spots that you would typically pass up, suddenly become possibilities.

This becomes a great benefit especially in urban areas where parking is scarce and you might otherwise spend plenty of time circling around the block for a spot. Though they are a bit on the small side, and may be a little more costly to maintain than their modern counterparts, classic Minis are an absolute joy to own. If you can find a good deal on a solid running model, you should consider picking one up. Especially for the classic car fans out there, this British vehicle is a unique one and quite an engineering marvel. The way they fit all the machinery under the tiny hood is quite impressive. At the very least, give a thumbs up to the next one you see.

Joshua Belden purchased his first cheap Mini Cooper in 1999 and he instantly became a fan of restoring used Mini Coopers.

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