Awesome in Aluminum
Although aluminum per se is not ordinarily considered an "advanced material," there can be little question that the Ferrari F430 is among the world's most advanced motor vehicles, so given that, and given the extensive use of aluminum on the F430--following the firm's success with the all-aluminum 360 Modena--in some ways aluminum can qualify as an advanced material. [more]

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Class clone: Ford engineers take a blast from the past, infuse it with Ferrari DNA and create the ultimate supercar - Process - Ford GT

As the story goes, Henry Ford II became upset with Enzo Ferrari when he refused to sell his company to Ford. He sent out an edict to his engineering staff that they would build a race car capable of beating Ferrari at his own game, the 24 Hours of LeMans, the most prestigious race in Europe. They succeeded, finishing 1, 2 and 3 in 1966 and going on to win for four consecutive years.

It's hard to ignore the historical significance of Ford's new GT supemar. Not just because designer Camilo Pardo has created a near spitting image of the historic racer, but because the first running prototype is sitting within spitting distance of a bright red Ferrari 360 Modena -- the benchmark for the Ford GT, and the car these engineers set out to better.
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Ferrari, Maser engines built in new plant - Fiat S.p.A.'s new plant in Maranello, Italy

Engine production for Fiat SpA's Ferrari and Maserati brands is to be consolidated into one new plant, currently under construction at the Prancing Horse's headquarters in Maranello, Italy.
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Live and Let Fly

Face it: Few will ever see an Aston Martin up close, much less drive one. These cars are movie props, better suited for celebrities or gadget-loving secret agents than the motoring masses.

But for those who can come up with $160,000 and join an 18-month waiting list for Aston's new DB9 coupe, the experience is within reach. Or, for an additional $13,000, make that a drop-top.
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